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Marshmallow Chicks Flavored Coffee (Easter Theme)

Marshmallow Chicks Flavored Coffee (Easter Theme)

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Ready for a little springtime in your cup? Marshmallow Chicks Flavored Coffee is a light and airy treat that's sure to make you think of blossoming trees and singing birds. This delicious gourmet-flavored coffee is so yummy, you won't save it for dessert; you'll want it first thing in the morning! With the hints of marshmallows adding a sweet body, Marshmallow Chicks Flavored Coffee will become your favourite little treat!

Luckily for you coffee lovers, this delightful indulgence isn't seasonal; you can enjoy it all year long! While it may make a great Easter present, there's no need to wait till springtime to get this. It's going to be just as delicious in November as it is in March! As with all of our coffees, they'll be freshly roasted and quickly shipped to ensure that you receive nothing but the best!

AVAILABLE IN: Regular/Decaf

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee
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