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Organic Bolivia 'La Paz' Direct Trade Coffee - Green/Unroasted

Organic Bolivia 'La Paz' Direct Trade Coffee - Green/Unroasted

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Introducing our NEW Direct Trade Bolivia Caranavi. Grown high in the Bolivian mountains, this coffee is the result of small micro farmers working together to provide an excellent organic coffee with a flavour and texture you will certainly enjoy.

The co-op which produces this mouthwatering coffee is located in the Yungas region of Bolivia near La Paz. There are forty families who work together across 12 small farms to grow, harvest and process these 100% pure arabica typical beans. The farmers have developed new production methods including soil analysis as well as using chemical-free, organic fertilizers and compost to grow these beans.

Farmed at over 5,000 feet above sea level, along the western slope of the Andes Mountains near Peru, this coffee is wet processed and dried on raised beds under the sun.

Aromas of milk chocolate can also be found in the rich flavour of this mildly citrusy coffee which finishes with a heavy, sweet caramel note.

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Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee

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