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Peanut Butter Flavored Coffee

Peanut Butter Flavored Coffee

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Smooth and creamy, nutty and delicious, Peanut Butter flavoured coffee promises you all the flavour and none of the work! We've heard about you adding peanut butter to your coffee so now, we have done the work for you! This is sheer perfection. Enjoy the rich taste of buttery nut goodness blended with freshly roasted Arabica bean coffee any time of the day. Peanut Butter flavoured coffee is a quick and simple way to get your peanut butter fix, so order yours today!

Peanut butter is in so many of our favourite confections, so now you can enjoy the captivating aroma and rich flavour in the morning, afternoon, or at night with our Peanut Butter flavoured gourmet coffee. This beverage recipe has been created by our own Roastmaster and promises to offer you that fresh roasted buttery nut flavour over our Arabica bean coffee. You'll love it!

AVAILABLE IN: Regular/Decaf

Brand: Monte Rosa Gourmet Coffee
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